Sun - October 21, 2007

Disappering Old Growth Forest in Sweden - Photography by Björn Olin

Swedish forest

Björn Olin, a photographer and paddler from Stockholm, sent me his photo correspondence in a response to my Blog Action Day post Shall we take only nice pictures?
Sadly I can contribute to this subject too, since Sweden's forestry corporations are quickly turning a once a beautiful land of old-growth forests full of life and diversity into clearcuts. Nearly all Sweden's virgin forests are gone. What is left is the old growth forests and those are being erased now. And this under the umbrella of FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). In a few years the last of the last will be gone. With those forests many spieces will cease to exist too.

Swedish government has just declared that they will not fulfil the European Community goals of protecting the forests. At the same time they also reduced the funding for forest protection.

Please come and see the real Sweden:

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Swedish forest Swedish forest Swedish forest

These are excellent and important photographs, though, I prefer to look at Björn's paddling and racing pictures.

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