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Mon - September 18, 2006

Polaroid Transfer and SX-70 Artist Directory

I started to compile a directory of Polaroid transfer resources about 10 years ago. At that time it was not so difficult to put nearly everything related to Polaroid transfers available on-line on 2 or 3 pages. Today, this is a more challenging task and I will rather leave it to Google. Nevertheless, I am rebuilding my directory of photographers with online galleries with Polaroid transfer art or SX-70 manipulation. This directory does not pretend to be complete. It is just a sample of my favorite Polaroid artists.

You are welcome to submit your web gallery or update a broken or outdated link. I can post a thumbnail size picture of your artwork together with your listing. I am also looking for new submissions to the guest gallery.

Laura Ackerman

Polaroids: Polaroid Etchings & Polaroid Transfers

Edwardo Aites

Cyanotype, Polaroid image transfer, Van Dyke and kallitypes prints. Technical instructions. Articles. Travel photo journal.

Travels in Tuscany in Guest Gallery

Sanchez Arias

Polaroids Gallery Page: SX-70


Painted Shadows. Photography and bodyart. Image transfers.

Darryl Asher

Image transfers

Gary Auerbach

Image transfers: portraits. Platinum photography.

Peter Balazsy

Sensuous female portraits and nude studies in images transfers. Several portfolios. Also some traditional and digital photo works.

Barbra Beeler

Image transfers including 20"x24" pictures from the Polaroid camera in Prague

Fredrik D. Bodin

Image transfers - flowers in Bodin Historic Photo (prints from historic glass and film negatives)

Cathy Brown

image & emulsion transfers, tryptychs, smoke, magnets, footprints ...

Bill Burger

Renaissance Moon. A fantasy-dreamland created with the aid of light painting and Polaroid image transfers.

Lesley Burvill-Holmes

Faces of Sikkim. Image transfers and b&w pictures.

Kathleen Thormod Carr

Image and emulsion transfers, SX-70. The author of of books on polaroid transfer.

John Chan

SX-70 manipulations. Abstractions.

Pere Colom

Image and emulsion transfers - a collage and mosaic approach: portraits, nude, flowers, money, cards.

Danny Conant

Polaroid Emulsion Lifts and other portfolios from Platinum to digital work

Paul Grant Cutright

Summer Dreams. SX-70 in Sight magazine

Leonardo Damiani

Several series in Garage Group page, Net-ArT. and in polaroids manipulation page.

Michael Dare

Emulsional Problems. Celebrity SX-70 Polaroids slideshow.

Cynthia Davis

SX-70 Polaroids.

Rich Dunoff

Polaroid transfers

Holly F. Dupré

Polaroid transfer on-line book and gallery: Les Romantiques - image transfers of flowers

Peter Eddy

Image transfers.

David Adam Edelstein

Image and emulsion transfers.

Ken Eliot

Handcolored image transfers in AFTERIMAGE gallery.

Diane Fenster

The Attic Window

Hariet Fisher

Manipulated SX-70 prints. "The Six Shooters" portfolio in Sight magazine.

Michael Going

Gallery of Altered Polaroid SX-70 Photography. Fine art and museum collections. Commercial/editorial work. LA KITSCH - portfolio of images with the new Alter Image film.

Andrzej Gutek

image & emulsion transfers, links

Romy Harness

Image transfers: Baja, Italy, cars, bikes.

Colby Jordan

Image and emulsion transfers.


Photo Impressionism - SX-70 images by two artists: Ken Dorr and Mario Marchiaro

Andrzej Lech

On The Way Gallery. Several portfolios including image transfers and pinhole photography.

Jay Lichtman

image transfers

Beth Ludwig

Image transfers: a lot of flowers. Note cards

Farah Mahbub

The Hues Within. Conventional and alternate photography processes including Polaroid image transfers, cyanotype and van Dyke.

Judith Mann

Far Journeys. Handcolored image transfers: ritual masks, puppets, artifacts and sacred places from different parts of the world.

Jeff Marcotte

Art Prints: SX-70

Amy Melious

Poetica II
Poetica II
Melious, Amy
Buy this Art Print at
Grain of Sand - image transfers.

Robert Meyer

Image transfers and several other portfolios.

Elaine and Duane Morgan

Image and emulsion transfers, SX-70 in Eclectic Image

Elizabeth Murray

artist, gardener, photographer, painter, author of Painterly Photography

Michael Pannier

Image transfers: angels, landscapes, nudes and portraits

Andre L. Pauquette

Emulsion and image transfers. SX-70, toy camera, pinhole and other images

John Reuter

Transfer images. Digital images. SX-70 manipulations. The Polaroid 20x24 Studio.

Louise Roach

Iconographic imagery - mixed media on steel panels

Gabe Sachs

Image transfers: mostly Venice, Italy.

Deborah Schenck

Image transfers: flowers, vegetables, antiques, nature, wedding, fruits. Books, cards, stationary. Posters.

Greg Schneider

SX-70 manipulations

Lita Rawdin Singer

Image transfers and B&W pictures

Becky Smith

SX-70 images and information on Pola-painting in

Catherine Sobredo

image transfers: portraits and nudes

A. Nikolay Sorokin

Image transfers from Rusia

Denille Spears

Scenes from Alabama: Polaroid transfers and B&W photography.

Penelope Packard Strand

Possibilities... - image and emulsion transfer, SX-70 prints.

Robert Sturman

SX-70: Blues Highway - The Space Between, Concordant Rhythms of Nature, Perspectives in Harmonious Light, Surging Tides, Sketches of Humanity

Barney Taxel

Image transfers (still life) and several other portfolios ranging from flowers to architecture.

Susan R. Thompson

SX-70 Art: Photo-Impressionism

Todd Tolhurst

Image transfers.

Anna Tomczak

Mostly Prague - image transfers from 20x24" Polaroid view camera in
Norton Museum of Art.

Elena Trujillo Spice

Nouveau Photographique. Three series of image and emulsion transfers: Serenity, Floral, Potpourri.

Annie Sprinkle

20x24" transfers: Eyegasm Gallery (adults only!)

Marek Uliasz

LightScapes. Image and emulsion transfers, SX-70. Still life and portraits. Aspen grove. Images from the past: ghost towns and historic places of Colorado. Ranchos de Taos. Architecture Abstracts. Returns to Poland. Polaroid Painting.

Chuck Vosburgh

Polaroid SX-70, image transfers, b&w photography, painting

Joanne Warfield

image & emulsion transfers (Afghanistan, Gino's Fire, Stairs & Walls),
SX-70, wet paper negative

Elise Weinger

Image transfers: still life

Angela Winholtz

Emulsion transfers of flowers.

Klaus Wolfer and
Elke Adelhelm

Polaroid art - SX-70 manipulations.

Darrel Wong

Image transfers: automotive

Kai Yamada

Image transfers. Handcolored B&W and toy camera images. Words.

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Mon - September 11, 2006

Tools and Techniques

Polaroid Image Transfers Tools and Techniques
on-line book by Holly F. Dupré
Polaroid Creative Techniques. Artist's Studio.
The Alternative Photographic Process FAQ
Alt-Photo-Process Mailing List Archive
About Transfers by Marek Uliasz
Daylab Imaging System Daylab slide printers
SX-70 FAQ The Hacker's Guide to the SX-70
Freestyles Sale Co. Quicktime movies:
Polaroid image transfer, SX-70 manipulation, handcoloring photographs and others
The Land List A comprehensive list of Polaroid cameras, accessories and films.
SX-70 pages by Shinsaku Hiura
alternative photography gallery & artists, articles & how to, processes & technical info

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Fri - May 12, 2006

Severance Inn - 4x5 Polaroid Image Transfer

Polaroid image transfer
Severance Inn, October, 1996. 4x5" image transfer from a 35 mm slide on Lanaquarelle cold press watercolor paper.

I started to shoot that old abandoned bar just by lucky accident. For me it was the most interesting object in the little town of Severance in Weld county, far more attractive than the new "Bruce's" bar serving "famous Rocky Mountain Oysters".

The slide was quite bad but I used it for my first image transfer. After many trials with Daylab slide printer and a lot of wasted Polaroid film I got a more or less satisfactory result. I realized that this unpredictable technique had a great potential for showing old buildings and other structures. I started to drive around in Larimer and Weld counties looking for old buildings, ghost farms and ghost towns, abandoned churches. The Severance Inn picture was a beginning of my lost Colorado series and my more serious involvement in Polaroid image transfers. A focus of my photography shifted from a natural landscape to a cultural landscape.

I was returning back to Severance several times. I had occasion to shoot a front of the old inn at a sunset: nice slides, but not the same character and feelings in image transfers. The building doesn't exist any more.

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