Aspen and Old Cabin - Polaroid image transfer

Mon - September 11, 2006

Tools and Techniques

Polaroid Image Transfers Tools and Techniques
on-line book by Holly F. Dupré
Polaroid Creative Techniques. Artist's Studio.
The Alternative Photographic Process FAQ
Alt-Photo-Process Mailing List Archive
About Transfers by Marek Uliasz
Daylab Imaging System Daylab slide printers
SX-70 FAQ The Hacker's Guide to the SX-70
Freestyles Sale Co. Quicktime movies:
Polaroid image transfer, SX-70 manipulation, handcoloring photographs and others
The Land List A comprehensive list of Polaroid cameras, accessories and films.
SX-70 pages by Shinsaku Hiura
alternative photography gallery & artists, articles & how to, processes & technical info

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